Reviews Hondrogel

  • Nikolina
    When pain in the lower back I use Hondrogel. I've already tried, there is nothing better found. By removing pain, quite a few applications, the condition really improved. Bag me enough for one application. Use: in the morning and before bedtime. The unpleasant smell of the gel, no.
  • Mladen
    Cream Hondrogel I've learned when I sprained my ankle. I had a dislocated joint, was restored for a very long time. Oh, and I'm tired of it. Give a lot of money on creams and treatments. Bought it, just Hondrogel I've helped significantly. Swelling is to remove and eliminate the pain. Joint gradually back thanks to this powerful tool.
  • Anita
    I was very lucky that my mother advised me to Hondrogel. I had muscle pain, I have never seen this condition, but my mother regularly uses the funds to pain in the joints and muscles. He said that in my case Hondrogel help 2-3 days. It turned out to be true! Three days later I was again in the ranks. Propose!
  • Sandra
    When I chose the treatment of the joints, I first looked at it. Hondrogel I like the fact that the composition of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The rest of the ingredients are natural, I don't know if they are useless. But collagen, hyaluronic acid and shark oil is what you need joints even healthy people.
  • Ivica
    About the drug Hondrogel know for a long time, looked after themselves before winter. I expected the gel will be a discount. I have the cold season often suffer from stiff joints, we need to use creams. The gel helps me get rid of the pain, and the massage I do, when applied, improve the mobility of the joint. Good tool and cheap.
Reviews Hondrogel