Experience in the use of Hondrogel

Experience using tools to tell us Elena, which is a problem common in the foot. According to the women, he found a tool that helped him better all known drugs.

Elena from Vilnius to use gel in the treatment of arthritis of the thumb

"My whole life has been steady. Foot I have medium size, but quite thin and there is no lift. The choice of shoes is different story, because of my size and fullness to my feet hard to find good models, to be satisfied with what we have. Try to choose apartments, because of my flat feet, it is much easier to walk on, models flat shoes are trying to use. But I just realized now, when I have suffered from arthritis of the big toe.

Arthritis of the thumb appeared after wearing ballet shoes

I once bought ballet flats. Not that I really liked, but they seemed perfect with casual clothes. I wasn't thinking about how to put inside special insoles, although my flat feet, it should have been done in the first place. I visit quite a lot, so the trouble was not long in coming.

About a week after I became sick on the pad of the thumb of the foot. I didn't understand what was going on, walking as before, but I feel the pain getting stronger and stronger. One day I spent at home, he felt a little better, but it's a weekday and I had to go to work. The whole toe hurts incredibly and a little swollen. I started to limp and right after work I went to the doctor.

The surgeon examined my finger, asked about possible injuries, I didn't say anything. Then he noticed my feet and shoes, where I come from. Said, that it can be inflammation of the big toe joint, because wearing the wrong shoes for me.

He sent me the test image, and Yes, the arthritis was confirmed. The hospital was in this case should not be, the doctor advised physiotherapy, certain medications and folk remedies, such as treatment of urine.

Hondrogel seems to me the most reliable way

Elena struck Hondrogel 2-3 times a day

At home I started researching the drugs he prescribed me. I checked on the Internet that grabbed my attention Hondrogel. I like the fact that the manufacturer promised a cooling effect – that's what I needed, because the big toe joint swelled up and was hot.

I took the goods to the post office near the house the next day after ordering. Package details I read about how to use the tool, difficulty with application was born. I applied the cooling gel bag three times a day my connection and do a light massage it.

Relief came immediately, but the effect was short-lived. In two days my joints feel much better. The swelling is gone, the finger was no longer hot, but still a little sick. Arthritis completely went through the 5 days. Several times I have applied Hondrogel to strengthen the effect, but it is not mandatory, I felt that my place is fine.

Tissue repair of joints and pain relief gel Hondrogel is achieved quickly and easily. I don't know, how other drugs, but I think this gel one of the best. A big plus is the release form – the little packets are very convenient to carry. The smell almost is not, the gel is absorbed very quickly and leaves no greasy spots.

I recommend Hondrogel all the people who have encountered the same problem as me. This tool will certainly help relieve pain, swelling and restore flexibility".